“Look baby ..”

Lizzie returned from the bathroom, “What have you been doing?” She questioned. Michael pulled her down into the bed, “thinking about you .. and how you came on to me” “That’s farr from the truth!” She giggled, “you spammed my Instagram with likes for months before actually DM’ing me” She was prancing around the room… Continue reading “Look baby ..”

Cosmic Twins

They’d waited since the first time they met, now the time was here and there was no rush. She grabbed him, feeling the soft, fine curls at the base of his neck. Whilst his hands, caressing her face, slowly moved down to her shoulders. Tantalizingly playing with the straps of her dress, pushing them up… Continue reading Cosmic Twins


It is always a struggle trying to remain a complete person; loving from a state of fullness instead of inadequacy. A woman will feel her early conditioning tugging her in the direction of surrender, but she must remember that she was originally loved for herself. She ought to hang on to herself and not find… Continue reading 2.07am


  Take a deep breath and believe in yourself. That extra bit of confidence and watch your life excel.   Spread your wings and soar higher than you did before. This is part of the journey and you need it to get to the next door.   Get lost in the amazing symphony and endless… Continue reading Smile

2.34 am

                             As of late, I have watched myself burn, As if my soul has left my body and I am just watching myself, Disintegrating, eroding, into nothingness. The girl with no substance. I’m hoping someone saves her, Saves her before she drowns… Continue reading 2.34 am